For weapons where you need a special permit to buy them we need the following documents before we can process your order: 

- passport or driver's license (both sides)
- import license (variies from country to country, ask your local authorities)


In order to apply for an import license please contact us so that we can provide the serial number and the exact model / name. 

After receiving your import license (we need the original document, no copies, please send them as registered / certified mail) the local authorities will provide an export license. 

There is a 45,00 Euro processing fee (unless you'd order through a certified arms dealer, then it would be free). 

As mentioned above, weapons cannot be shipped with DHL or UPS (and other major transporation companies), we are using a private truck company. Parcels can only be received by the person who's ID copy we received (showing this ID might be required when signing for the parcel).

The delivery usually takes place between 8.00 and 14.00 (2 PM). 

You can find the shipping costs and more information here (table number 2 is for shipping costs that contain weapons of any kind): 

Shipping costs