Technical problems

If you encounter any technical problems while visiting our online shop then you can contact our technical support. 

In order to narrow down your problems we would appreciate if you could provide the following information: 

1) What device are you using (PC, laptop, Mac, smartphone, tablet)?

2) Which operating system is running on that device (Windows, MacOS, Android, Apple IOS, Linux)?

3) What is the version number of your operating system (z.B. Windows 8 oder 10? Android 5.0)?

4) Are you using an anti-virus program (there have been a few problems with Kasperky depending on the setting)? If yes, which one? Are you using any browser extensions (like uMatrix), a firewall etc. that is changing your cookie settings (like turning cookies off)?

5) Where / when did you encounter the problem? Was it when trying to use a certain payment method? Have you tried using a different payment method?

6) If possible please provide a screenshot (of the error message).

7) Depending on the security settings in your browser it might be a good idea to try a different browser or - if possible - try a different device. 

The more information you provide the better are our chances to help you. 

It could happen that if you report a new problem that we have to contact the developer of our shop software which would result in an additional 1-2 business days until we can get back to you. 

We appreciate your understanding.

You can contact the Buinger technical support at

Please contact us only in English or German and avoid to use automated translation software for this type of inquiry. 

Thank you.